SW Pipe Replacement Service at Ha Long Anchorage

 SW Pipe Replacement Service for MV PHAEDRA at Ha Long Anchorage

I. Scope of Work:
Hai Ha M&S offers a comprehensive SW pipe replacement service for MV PHAEDRA at Ha Long Anchorage, focusing on the following tasks:
 No.1 LT Central Cooler Outlet Pipe (SW):
   – Cut and replace reducer from 200mm to 150mm SCH40.
   – Renew flange DN150 5K.
No.2 LT Central Cooler Inlet Pipe (SW):
   – Cut and replace reducer from 200mm to 150mm SCH40.
   – Renew flange DN150 5K.
II. Detailed Work List:
System Isolation:
Before proceeding with any work, the first step is to close the SW system onboard MV PHAEDRA to prevent fluid flow. Hai Ha M&S ensures a safe working environment for the replacement process by isolating the area requiring replacement.
 Draining the Pipe:
To avoid any water-related hazards and facilitate a smooth replacement process, Hai Ha M&S will drain all remaining water in the pipes completely.
 Removal of Old Components:
SW pipe replacement service
Cut and remove reducer and flange
Expert technicians from Hai Ha M&S will carefully cut and remove the existing reducers and flanges in both the No.1 and No.2 LT central cooler pipes to make way for the new components.
Installation of New Flanges and Reducers:
New flanges and reducers, accurately sized at 150mm, will be installed on the respective pipes onboard MV PHAEDRA with precision, ensuring secure and efficient connections.
SW pipe replacement service
Fit up new flange and reducer
Expert welding techniques will be employed to secure the newly installed flanges and reducers, ensuring long-lasting and robust connections for the SW system.
Gasket Replacement and Bolt Tightening:
To prevent any potential leaks, gaskets between the flanges will be replaced after welding. Additionally, the bolts securing the flanges will be tightened to the specified torque.
SW pipe replacement service
Welding ,grinding clean,replace the gasket, then re-tighten the bolt
System Reopening and Leak Check:
Upon completion of the replacement and secure connections, the SW system onboard MV PHAEDRA will be reopened for operation. A comprehensive leak check, utilizing modern testing equipment such as Conduction Electromagnetic (CE) testing, will be conducted to ensure effective sealing and full functionality of the system.
Hai Ha M&S offers a professional and comprehensive SW pipe replacement service for MV PHAEDRA at Ha Long Anchorage. By following the step-by-step guide, which includes system isolation, pipe draining, removal of old components, installation of new flanges and reducers, welding, and a thorough leak check, Hai Ha M&S guarantees successful completion of the project. This comprehensive approach ensures that the SW system of MV PHAEDRA will operate optimally, minimizing downtime and ensuring peak performance during its stay at Ha Long Anchorage.

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