Since its establishment in 2015, HaiHa M&S’s spare parts team has been dedicated to supplying genuine spare parts to clients worldwide. Our specialization lies in offering spare parts for Marine Main Engines, Auxiliary Engines, and E/R & Deck Auxiliary Equipment sourced directly from renowned manufacturers. With authorization from over 100 reputable makers and the advantages of high-volume procurement and robust facilities, HaiHa M&S can provide competitive pricing and comprehensive warehousing and logistics services across major ports and shipyards in China, Korea, Singapore, and Europe.

spare part,second hand

At HaiHa M&S, our unwavering commitment to quality enables us to offer the best prices to our customers through centralized purchasing while ensuring 24/7 non-stop service. Supported by our Global Service Network and a team of seasoned logistics experts, we guarantee the timely delivery of your spare parts to your designated ports, shipyards, and destinations.


spare part,second hand

Main Engine/Auxiliary Engine – MAN/WINGD/CSSC Original spare parts inventory

(Cylinder liner, piston ring, FIVA, fuel injection system spares)

Hatch Cover Spares

(Hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, control valves)

spare part,second hand
spare part,second hand

Pump Spares

(Japanese brands & All Chinese brands)

Electric Motors

(Original brands & tailor-made In China, with long warranty period)

spare part,second hand
spare part,second hand

FWG & Coolers’plates and gaskets

(European & Japanese & Korean brands)

Used Motor, machine


spare part,second hand


Mariner offers a broad range of ship supply services and can supply you with any type of spare component. We sell products from the IMPA/ISSA catalogs and can serve the vessel in all Viet Nam ports and anchorages.

  • Hoses & Couplings
  •  Lubricants, Chemicals, Solvents & Cleaners
  •  Powered Tools & Equipment
  •  Hand & Cutting Tools
  •  Measuring Equipment
  •  Steel/Metalwork
  •  Fastenings
  •  Pipe &Tube Fittings
  •  Valves
  •  Bearings

Our organization constantly ensures that our partners receive high-quality merchandise at the most competitive market costs.

The expertise we’ve accumulated over the years allows us to offer the right storage for your sailing vessel.

Our company can provide any kind of cabin stores and galley stores to fulfill any kind of crew need. Some of the categories that our company can provide are:

  • Bed Accessories
  • Laundry Accessories and Machines
  • Towels and Table Linen
  • Curtains
  • Gloves
  • Work Clothes
  • Cutlery
  • Plates and Cups
  • Glass Tableware
  • Stainless Steel Tableware
  • Plastic Tableware
  • Wooden Tableware
  • Table Pots and Jars
  • Frying Pans and Cooking Pots
  • Knives
  • Baker and Pastry Utensils
  • Squeezers and Mashers
  • Foils and Roll Papers
  • Cabin Cleaning Equipment
  • Rat Traps and Fly Swatters
  • Electrical Cooking Appliances
  • Home Electrical Appliances
  • Buckets and Garbage Bags
  • Laundry Machines
  • Cleaning Products
  • Measuring Scales
  • Serving Utensils
  • Napkin Papers
  • Butcher’s Gear
  • Sharpening Stones
  • Bar & Kitchen Utensils


Safety is one of the most important considerations. We provide products from top safety equipment manufacturers to fulfill your specific demands.

Highest quality, expert service, and environmentally friendly. Whether you need new or used life rafts ,USCG-approved life raft services, EPRBs, immersion suits, emergency flares, or inflatable boat sales and repairs. We may also give information on current maritime safety rules.

  • Life boats/rafts and their materials, along with all types of fire extinguishers (fixed or portable), are surveyed, refilled, and tested.
  • Survey, replenish, and test breathing gear, as well as rescue and life boat overload testing.
  • Fire hoses, couplings, nozzles, blankets, and firefighter’s gear.