We perform main engine and auxiliary engine overhauling services as well as troubleshooting 24/7 for your good vesse at all main port and ship yard in Viet Nam. Relying on our expertise we are open to work with all the main manufactures upon the request of the client.

Diesel Engine Service

  • Main starting valve / Air distributor overhaul
  • 4-ST medium and high speed engine routine overhaul / Trouble-shooting
  • Sacos-one system trouble-shooting
  • Turbocharger major overhaul / Trouble-shooting
  • ME / AE components reconditioning
  • 2-ST engine routine overhaul / Trouble-shooting / Retrofit
  • Electronic control engine, Gas engine routine overhaul / Trouble-shooting
  • F.O. Pump overhaul
  • Alpha / HJ lubricator overhaul / Trouble-shooting
  • FIVA and HPS major overhaul
  • Maneuvering and pneumatic system overhaul

Air Condition and Refrigeration System Service

  • Accommodation air condition system
  • Provision refrigeration system (Reefer plant)
  • ECR air conditioner / Bridge air conditioner
  • Compressor overhaul
engine overhauling services,Dynamic balancing,Hydraulic
engine overhauling services,Dynamic balancing,Hydraulic

Hydraulic Service

engine overhauling services,Dynamic balancing,Hydraulic
engine overhauling services,Dynamic balancing,Hydraulic
  • Crane annual inspection / Maintenance / Repair and load test
  • Hatch cover service
  • Hydraulic motor / Hydraulic pump / Hydraulic valve / Actuator overhaul
  • Hydraulic cylinder overhaul
  • Steering gear system overhaul
  • Windlass / Mooring winch brake test and repairing

Other Services

engine overhauling services,Dynamic balancing,Hydraulic
  • Cylinder liner honing
  • 4-Stroke engine components overhauling
  • Laser cladding
  • Ultrosonic cleaning
  • Dynamic balancing test
  • FIVA & HPS pump overhaul
  • Hydraulic components bench test
  • Generl fabrication/machnining
  • Anchor and anchor chain replacement
  • Boiler circulation cleaning and retubing
  • Incinerator refractory repairing and rebuilding
  • Life boat and rescue boat engine overhaul
  • Cooler / Heat exchanger maintenance
  • Elevator inspection & repair / Wire ropes renewal
  • Accommodation ladder repairing and replacement
  • Piping line fabrication and installation service
  • Other steel structure service