About Us

Ship repair

  • Ship Repair in all main ports/anchorages of Vietnam.
  • Voyage repairs.
  • Workshop Fabrication
  • Electrical/Electronic trouble shooting in Vietnam
  • Industrial maintenance and repairs.
  • Technical assistance for new bulding vessel, dry-docking vessel in Vietnam.
  • Under water service (UWC/UWI) in Vietnam
  • Material/Spare parts Supply in Vietnam


Ship repair in Vietnam

Our primary goal in services is to ensure the fastest and best quality of repairs so as not to compromise the operation of the vessel.
Hai Ha M&S is founded in 2015. From a company of only a few men steadily grows to its present scale with more than 30 dedicated craftsmen. From a very well equipped workshop and our dedicated workforce, trucks, portable welding machines, diving equipment, auxiliary equipment and 24/7 availability, we can provide for you the following services.
Ship repair
  • Mission: To provide the highest quality across our full range of product sourcing and services, tailored towards total customer satisfaction and in line with the best business practices and global environmental safety standards for better service from enquiry to delivery with experienced staff and logistic support all over the globe.
  • Vision: A global leader in ship repair and marine service, providing unequalled quality and professional service with the best interest and satisfaction of the client as our core values at all times.



  • Fabrication Shop: 500m²
  • Lay Berth: 130m length, maximum depth of 8m
  • Wharf: 3000m²
  • Overhead Crane with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 10 Tons: 1 unit
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with a bed size of 2 x 12 meters: 1 unit
  • Welding Machines: 9 units
  • Drilling Machine: 1 unit
  • Air Compressors: 2 units
  • Portable Site Cutting Machine: 2 units
  • Hydraulic Jacks with a capacity range of 10 tons to 60 tons: 5 sets
  • Forklift with a capacity of 3.5 tons: 1 unit
  • SPRAYER W11-100×2000: 1 unit
  • Chain Blocks with a capacity range of 0.5 tons to 5 tons: 10 units
  • Hand Tools and other equipment as needed.
  • Dynamic Balancing machine : 1 unit
  • Lathe automatic machine : 1 unit
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