In today’s industrial landscape, welding techniques play a vital role in constructing and maintaining infrastructure, particularly in the maritime industry. Ensuring the safety and quality of these projects necessitates skilled professionals and certified, reliable welding services. Let’s delve into what we have to offer in this domain.

steel construction,welding materials,certified
IACS Class Certified Workforce

We take pride in having a highly skilled workforce certified by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in welding techniques. This ensures that they have been trained and evaluated by a reputable international organization. Their welding capabilities meet the highest standards of quality and safety for welding projects.

Not only is our workforce certified, but our welding workshop has also been approved according to IACS welding procedures for both steel and aluminum alloy. This means that we meet strict requirements for quality and safety standards in all our welding projects involving both steel and aluminum alloy.

steel construction,welding materials,certified

Certified Welding Inspectors from AWS and TWI

Our team is not limited to certified welders alone. Our technicians are certified welding inspectors from well-respected organizations like the American Welding Society (AWS) and The Welding Institute (TWI). This ensures that all our welding projects are closely monitored and assessed by professionals with advanced welding knowledge.

We always ensure that the welding materials used in our processes are not only readily available but also approved for specific types of repairs. This means that we are always prepared to meet our customers’ needs with confidence in the quality and safety of our welding products.