We specialize in comprehensive marine electrical services, ranging from diagnosing and fixing minor electrical issues to overhauling the entire electrical system of vessels.

No matter where there’s a wire, we’re here to assist!

Our commitment extends to thoroughly explaining the intricacies of each project and offering a clear timetable for the necessary work.

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electric services

ship repair
  • Alarm monitoring system
  • MSB / ESB / ACB / VCB service
  • Fire detection & alarm system
  • Water mist system
  • Water ingress alarm system
  • Level gauging / Draft gauging system
  • Valve remote control system
  • Boiler / Incinerator automation service
  • Viscometer and flowmeter calibration
  • 15PPM calibration
  • ODME calibration
  • Automatic unloading system
  • Vapour emission control system
  • Inert gas system
  • Public address and telephone system
  • Navigation lights
  • CCTV installation