Renewing Hydraulic Piping System on Deck for 170,000-Tons Ship in Cam Pha

Renewing Hydraulic Piping System on Ship’s Deck in Cam Pha

The hydraulic piping system is an essential component of any ship that helps to ensure the smooth operation of hatch covers, mooring winch systems. However, due to the harsh marine environment, this system is prone to corrosion, damage leading to leakage, leading to inefficient operation of related systems or, more seriously, inability to operate them. This is very dangerous for a ship. This was the case of a ship in Cam Pha anchorage that had to replace its entire deck hydraulics, including damaged pipes, valves, fittings and flanges.

To ensure safe and effective replacement, our Hai Ha M&S team was hired to carry out this project in a short time of 5 days and with a weight of 10 tons. Replacement parts including pipes and valves are ordered with full CO (Certificate of Origin) and CQ (Certificate of Quality) to ensure quality and standards.

Hydraulic piping
All hydraulic pipes, elbows, flanges are cleaned at Hai Ha’s workshop

• Before being transported to the ship, all hydraulic pipes, elbows, flanges are cleaned at Hai Ha’s workshop.
• The replacement process involves several steps, starting with removing the old hydraulic hose system and draining the oil.
– Next, process the new hydraulic pipe according to the old size
– New hydraulic pipes and flanges are also thoroughly cleaned with compressed air and DO oil to ensure no dirt and rust inside the pipeline.
• To ensure that the new hydraulic piping system will operate safely and securely, we have tested and commissioned the system to ensure stable, leak-free operation. We also ensure that measures are taken to prevent future corrosion and damage to new hydraulic piping systems, including the use of protective coatings.

renewing hydraulic piping system

The transportation of replacement parts is also a challenge, because the parts have to be transported over a distance of up to 120km from Hai Phong to Cam Pha. However, we guarantee components are safely shipped and installed within the specified 5days timeframe.
Overall, this project has been a success and the ship now has a reliable and safe hydraulic hose system that will ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the ship’s mechanical equipment. At Hai Ha M&S, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality service, even under difficult circumstances, and we are committed to providing our customers with reliable and safe hydraulic hose systems. . Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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