Renew Bearing of Hatch Cover Rollers in Ha Long anchorage

Renew Bearing of Hatch Cover Rollers

In the maritime industry, the maintenance and replacement of critical ship components are essential to ensure safety and operational efficiency. One such crucial task is renewing the bearings of hatch cover rollers. Below is a detailed procedure for this renewal task.

1. Initial Assessment

After conducting an inspection, we discovered that the bearing had been previously removed by the ship’s crew and temporarily repaired. However, there was no bearing inside, which led to the shaft wearing out after a period of operation and becoming unusable.

2. Shaft Evaluation

renew bearing , hatch cover
remove old rollers and bearings

Upon further evaluation, we found that the shaft needed to be replaced. The crew’s temporary repair was not done correctly, making it difficult for the repair team to remove the shaft. We had to use a gas cutting torch to remove the old shaft.

3. Coaxiality Measurement

During the shaft replacement process, coaxiality measurements should be performed to ensure the new shaft is installed correctly and without any misalignment.

renew bearing,hatch cover,hatch cover bearing,hatch cover roller
Renew shaft

4. Warp Check

Bearing replacement also requires checking for any warpage in the bearing and the shaft. This is crucial to ensure that all parts operate smoothly and efficiently.

renew bearing,hatch cover,hatch cover bearing,hatch cover roller
Installation and running test

Renewing the bearings of hatch cover rollers requires meticulousness and precision. Thorough inspection and proper replacement not only ensure safety but also extend the lifespan of the related components. The technical team must strictly adhere to inspection and replacement procedures to ensure quality and efficiency in their work.

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