Renewal the Lifeboat Davit at Hon Gai

Renewal the Lifeboat Davit

Main Repair Activities

The renewal of the lifeboat davit is a critical process that ensures the safety and functionality of the lifeboat launching system. Hai Ha M&S, a leading repair company, is dedicated to providing top-notch services for this essential task. Here is a detailed guide to the main activities involved in the repair and renewal process:

 Tool Box Meeting (TBM)

Before the start of each work, Hai Ha M&S conducts a Tool Box Meeting (TBM). This meeting serves multiple purposes:

– TBM sessions are held to ensure effective communication of safety hazards to subsequent, helping to maintain a high level of safety awareness.

– During the TBM, specific tasks are assigned to teams or individuals, which enhances work efficiency and minimizes safety risks.

– All equipment is thoroughly inspected before work begins to ensure it is in proper working order.

– The TBM helps raise awareness about potential safety hazards specific to each task.

Transporting Equipment and Materials

Equipment and materials are transported to the designated staging area to prepare for the renewal process. This step ensures that all necessary tools and materials are readily available and organized.

Securing Equipment

The next step involves securing the equipment:

– Securing Lifeboats: Lifeboats are secured in the upper cabin using floading  cranes to hold them in place before removal.


– Securing Davit Components: All components of the Davit crane that need to be dismantled are securely fastened.

– Equipment Staging: Dismantled equipment is securely staged at designated locations as instructed by the Captain or authorized personnel, coordinating with the Workshop.

Dismantling Process

The dismantling process is carried out with precision by Hai Ha M&S professionals:

– Precision in Dismantling: All equipment to be dismantled and cut is measured to match pre-calculated dimensions to avoid overloading the floading crane.

– Marking Reusable Equipment: Equipment that can be reused is marked, organized, and stored separately from other dismantled items to prevent confusion and ensure proper reuse.

Installing New Davit Crane following some several detailed steps:

– Site Cleanup: The work area is cleaned before installing the new Davit crane to ensure a safe and efficient installation process.

Renewal the Lifeboat Davit,crane
The work area is cleaned before installing the new Davit crane to ensure a safe and efficient installation process


– Surface Cleaning: Steel surfaces at crane base positions are cleaned to ensure high-quality welding.

– Position Marking: Installation positions for crane bases and beams are accurately marked.

– Using floading Cranes: floading cranes are used to position crane bases

– Securing and Welding:The crane bases are secured using straps and hoists, then tack welded.

Renewal the Lifeboat Davit,crane

– Dimension Verification: All dimensions are verified before installing horizontal beams

– Final Welding: After ensuring all measurements are accurate, final welding of the crane base is carried out.

– Installing Davit Arm: The Davit arm and additional components such as pulleys, boat fall chains, and head tackles are installed.

Cable Installation and No-Load Testing

The cable installation and no-load testing ensure the new system operates smoothly:

– Cable Installation: Cables are installed, and a no-load test is performed before placing the new lifeboat.

– Smooth Operation Check: If the system operates smoothly, welding and installation of additional components are carried out.

– NDT Inspection: Non-destructive testing (NDT) of welds is conducted according to classification society standards to ensure integrity.

 Final Installation

The final steps involve positioning the new lifeboat and conducting tests:

– Positioning the Lifeboat: Floading cranes are used to position the new lifeboat so the Davit crane can lift and lower it. This process is carried out slowly to detect and address potential safety issues.

– Load Testing: Load tests are conducted in the presence of a surveyor to ensure the system can handle the required weight.

Lifeboat Davit,Renewal the Lifeboat Davit

– Finishing : Finishing paint is applied to all welded areas to protect against corrosion and ensure durability.

– Final Inspection: A final inspection and testing are conducted in the presence of the ship’s representative to ensure all work meets required standards.


By following these detailed steps, Hai Ha M&S ensures that the renewal of the lifeboat Davit crane is carried out safely and efficiently, adhering to all safety standards and optimizing the operational readiness of the system.


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