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Metal Lashing Removal Process for Vessel BIGROLL BERING at PTSC Port

Discover Hai Ha M&S’s efficient metal lashing removal process for vessels. With our expert team and specialized equipment, we ensure precise and hassle-free removal, maximizing deck space and improving productivity. Let us take care of your metal lashing removal needs with professionalism and safety.

Section 1: Determining the Location of Metal Lashing

Metal Lashing Removal
Our process begins by accurately identifying the specific areas of metal lashing that need to be removed from the vessel. This careful assessment allows us to plan the removal process strategically, ensuring efficient execution and minimizing any potential impact on the vessel’s structure.



Section 2: Step-by-Step Removal Process

metal lashing removal
On the first day, we use cutting machines to dismantle each part of the metal lashing.



metal lashing removal
The following day, we employ forklifts to transport the disassembled lashing and lower large pipes. Our skilled workers clean and grind the previous cuts to ensure smooth surfaces.


metal lashing removal
Finally, on the third day, we move the disassembled lashing to a specialized transport truck beneath the port.
metal lashing removal
We conducted an acceptance test and took souvenir photos to commemorate the completion of the job

At Hai Ha M&S, we complete the metal lashing removal process with precision and efficiency. Our team conducts acceptance tests and captures commemorative photos to celebrate the successful completion of the job. Trust us to handle your vessel’s metal lashing removal requirements.


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