Turbocharger Overhaul Services in Viet Nam

Turbocharger Overhaul Services in Viet Nam

Turbochargers a vital role in the performance of diesel engines. Over time, turbochargers may suffer from wear and tear, leading to a decline in their efficiency. To ensure the smooth operation of diesel engines, regular overhaul of turbochargers are necessary.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional service for turbocharger overhaul in Viet Nam, look no further than Hai Ha M&S. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the latest tools and technology to diagnose, repair and overhaul turbochargers of all brands and models.

At Hai Ha M&S, we understand the importance of downtime in the shipping industry. That’s why we offer a fast and efficient turbocharger overhaul service. In most cases, we can complete the overhaul process in just 2 days, minimizing the downtime of your vessel.

Recently, a ship in Viet Nam experienced issues with its turbocharger, causing a decrease in engine power and increased fuel consumption. The ship’s crew promptly contacted Hai Ha M&S, a leading provider of ship repair services, to conduct a turbocharger overhaul. Our overhaul process includes the following steps:

  1. Careful Inspection:
    Before disassembling the turbocharger, our engineers carefully inspect it and follow the manufacturer’s manual for disassembly.
  2. Air Filter Removal:
    The air filter is removed from the compressor to ensure that the cleaning process is thorough.
  3. Rotor Clearance Measurement:
    We measure and record the axial and radial clearance before removing the rotor.

    Turbocharger Overhaul
    We measure and record the axial and radial clearance before removing the rotor.
  4. Rotor Removal:
    After measuring, we carefully remove the rotor and transport it to our factory.
  5. Detailed Parts Cleaning:
    Our experienced technicians clean all the parts with precision.
  6. Detailed Inspection:
    Our engineers inspect the wing condition, shaft condition, and other details and make a report with pictures.
  7. Rotor Balance Adjustment:
    We adjust the balance of the rotor and record the balance before and after adjustment.
  8. Cap Closing and Measurement:
    We close the cap according to the procedure and make a measurement data sheet after closing.
  9. Testing and Performance Verification:
    Finally, we put the turbocharger into operation and test its performance after overhaul.

Don’t let a faulty turbocharger affect the performance and efficiency of your diesel engine. Contact Hai Ha M&S today for a professional and reliable turbocharger overhaul service in Viet Nam.


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