Crane Inspection

 Crane Inspection Services at Hai Ha M&S – Ensuring Safety and Reliability

Welcome to Hai Ha M&S – your reliable partner for professional crane inspection services tailored for port operations. Our team of API-certified crane inspectors is committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of crane equipment at ports. We not only focus on technical inspections but also emphasize precision and accuracy in every stage of the inspection process.

 Crane Inspection

1. Visual Inspection:
Our detailed visual inspections are designed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of key crane components.

– Crane Cable Inspection: Our technical evaluation includes a precise assessment of the accuracy of the pin, cable thimble, cable end shackle, and cable clamps to detect scratches, corrosion, and other issues. Crane pulleys are disassembled to inspect the condition of bearings and check for any cracks in the pulley grooves.

Crane Inspection,Crane Inspection Services,API-certified crane inspectors
Crane Cable Inspection

– Structural Components Check: We conduct detailed technical inspections to identify cracks, corrosion, or deformations in the crane structure.

– Mechanical Systems Examination: Our technical team meticulously inspects gears, bearings, shafts, and other mechanical components to ensure there are no signs of wear or malfunction.

– Hydraulic Systems Assessment: We check hoses, fittings, and valves, assessing hydraulic oil leakage conditions at pistons and hydraulic cylinders.

Crane Inspection,Crane Inspection Services,API-certified crane inspectors

– Brake Pad System Inspection: Our experts evaluate the wear condition of brake pads, brake friction discs, brake springs, and ensure the proper opening and closing capability of the brakes.

– Oil/Lubricant Quality Check: We examine oil samples to detect any signs of leakage and water contamination, ensuring the longevity of crane components.

– Critical Component Check: High-stress components such as hooks, wire ropes, and sheaves undergo thorough inspections to identify potential issues.

2. Operational Testing:
Our operational testing phase ensures the crane’s safe and efficient operation in real-world scenarios.

– Movement Tests: We conduct detailed tests on hoisting, lowering, trolley travel, and slewing movements to ensure smooth and precise operation.

– Load Test: A comprehensive load test, using a weight close to the crane’s maximum capacity, is performed to confirm the crane’s safe load-bearing capacity.

– Control System Test: Our inspectors assess the responsiveness and calibration of control systems to ensure accurate and reliable crane operation.

At Hai Ha M&S, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive crane inspection services. Trust our API-certified crane inspectors to deliver detailed and accurate inspections, ensuring your crane is always in a safe and efficient condition for operations in challenging port environments. Contact us today to benefit from our professional crane inspection services.


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