Accommodation gangway repair in Vietnam

Accommodation gangway repair in Vietnam

Gangways are vital for safe access between ships and offshore structures. However, due to wear and tear or damage, gangways may require repair and maintenance. In this article, we will discuss the process of gangway repair, including dismantling, on-site repairs, reinstallation, and testing. These steps are crucial to maintain a robust and reliable gangway system, ensuring safe operations.

1. Dismantling the Gangway Onboard and Transferring to the Workshop:
To begin the repair process, the gangway is carefully dismantled on the vessel with the assistance of a shore crane. The components are then transferred to the workshop for further evaluation and repair.

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2. On-Site Repairs:

  • Fairing the Bending Gangway Longitudinal Frame:
    Using hydraulic jacks and chain blocks, the damaged longitudinal frame of the gangway is straightened and aligned. This ensures structural integrity, providing safe and stable access.
  • Releasing and Repairing the Welding Seam on the Steps:
    If necessary, welding seams on the gangway steps are released. The steps are thoroughly examined and repaired as needed, using aluminum welding to restore strength and stability.
  • Fairing the Handrail and Post:
    The handrails and posts of the gangway are carefully inspected for damage or misalignment. Repairs are carried out to ensure their safety and functionality.
  • Trial Fit:
    After repairs, a trial fit is conducted to ensure proper alignment and functionality of all gangway components. This step guarantees smooth and secure operation during reinstallation.

3. Reinstalling Onboard (Assisted by Crane):
Once repairs are complete and the trial fit is successful, the gangway components are transported back to the vessel. Reinstallation requires the assistance of a shore crane to position and secure the gangway in its designated location.

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4. Testing Functionality and Load Capacity:To verify the effectiveness of the repair and ensure compliance with safety standards, two critical tests are performed:
a. Functionality Test: The gangway’s operational functions, such as extension, retraction, and locking mechanisms, are thoroughly tested to ensure smooth and reliable operation.
b. Load Capacity Test: The gangway’s ability to bear weight is assessed using water bags or sandbags, following safety regulations. The test is witnessed by vessel and class representatives to ensure compliance with safety working load requirements.

Gangway repair is crucial for maintaining safe access between vessels and offshore structures. By following a systematic process of dismantling, on-site repairs, reinstallation, and thorough testing, repaired gangways can be restored to optimal condition. This ensures smooth operations and safeguards personnel and equipment involved in offshore activities. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential to uphold the highest safety standards in the maritime industry.

Accommodation gangway repair in Vietnam

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