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Shiprepair – Steel Work in Nghison Port

During vessel operation, your vessel may collide with other vessels, with reefs or with piers. These collisions can lead to damage to the hull of the vessel. These damages are very dangerous to the safety of navigation. This problem is extremely dangerous, so it needs to be repaired carefully but does not affect the vessel’s cargo much. Today there are many shipyards, but not always the vessel needs to be repaired because it will be very expensive and greatly affect the vessel’s navigation plan.

Hai Ha M&S Co.,Ltd is one of the best vessel repair service providers in Vietnam. Here is one of our close-up repair projects at Nghi Son port – Vietnam: Repair and replacement of corrugated iron sheet near the bow of a pear-shaped vessel.

Ship repair in Nghi Son Port
Ship repair in Nghi Son Port

The causes of damages can be weather, load-unloading collisions … etc.

And then, to ensure that the ship’s navigation is not affected, the best option is to immediately contact a skilled mobile repair team.

Repairing hulls, hatches, container guide bars, cabins and tanks on board. This work requires someone with expertise in ship repair.

Welding positions should be chamfered to ensure weld quality and mechanical properties


Welds are beveled before welding
Welds are beveled before welding

Fix the steel plates before welding. Clean the weld after the job is done.


Work done


If you encounter damage, wherever you are: Haiphong port, Nghi Son Port, Saigon port, VungTau port, Nghi Son portDungquat port …etc. Any seaport or anchorage in Vietnam . Please contact us immediately for your ship to be cared for in the best way.

Hai Ha Marine and Ship Repair Service Co.Ltd

Office: 44/82 – Vu Chi Thang Str, Hai Phong city – Viet Nam

Hotline 1 : +84 388-441-654

Hotline 2 : +84 886-441-654

Email: Technical@haihashiprepair.com

Email: info@haihashiprepair.com 


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