Repairing/Rewinding Electric Motor, Generator workshop In Vietnam

Repairing/Rewinding Electric Motor, Generator

  • Rewinding electric motor is one of the most regullar job onboard since there are various type of rotating equipment on ship. And the burned motor can not rewind and repair by ship crew. Hai Ha M&S with a team of well-trained workers and engineers with many years of experience, predicting and analyzing engine faults quickly and accurately is our advantage to repair.

  • Our company can repair, replace components,rewinding electric motor types of AC, DC, 3-phase electric motors, 75kw – 4000kw, repair large generators for ships, industrial factories, replacing machine components, supplying engines, maintaining, repairing, installing new pumps …
  • Our workshop is located in Hai Phong with the advantage of being close to seaports, industrial zones and a distribution place for many manufacturers of electrical components and accessories. We are able to quickly transport and take the initiative of replacement materials for repair and maintenance.

We ensure to bring yours best services for rewinding electric motor, generator and best price.

  • Rewinding electric motor Warranty period:

All products after repair are warranted for 6 months, if there is an error, they will be completely repaired for FREE.

  • Services:

Rewinding exciter

Rewinding rotor and stator

Recondition Commutator

Replace bearings

Copper welding

Dynamic balance

Shaft rcondition/alignment/Adjustment

Polishing & slitting commutator

Recondition Motor casing, Cover

  • Rewinding electric motor with 16 steps:

Taking and analysing Data

Core Testing

Coil Cutoff

Burnout Procedures

Winding Stripping Procedures

Core Preparation

Coil Making

Winding Insulation and Coil Insertion

Internal Connections

Lacing and Bracing of Windings

Inspection of Untreated Windings

Testing Untreated and Treated Windings

Winding Treatment

Re – assembly

Renew spare part as bearing if found brocken

Free Load Test in Workshop

  • Our completed projects:

Rewinding electric motorrewinding Electric Motor

      Overhauling Rotor and Startor for 2500kW DC – Nghi Son cement Factory 

rewinding Electric Motor rewinding Electric Motor

Recondition shaft and bearing Motot5.400kW – 4P 

rewinding Electric Motor rewinding Electric Motor rewinding Electric Motor

Rewinding Rotor and Stator 75kW – Vessel Savaldo in CamPha

rewinding Electric Motor rewinding Electric Motor rewinding Electric Motor

Rewinding Stator 350KVA for Generator on Board for MV Tay Son in Quy Nhon port

Rewinding electric motor 75Kw
Rewinding electric motor 75Kw and redelivery at Campha
rewinding Electric Motor
Delivery the rewinding Electric Motor 75kW and assist ship crew re install onboard – MV XIN HAI at Hongai Anchorage
    • As a group our company Hai Ha M&S is providing the marine service and ship repair in Vietnam as such underwater inspection, Hull cleaning, rewinding/overhauling electric motor, fabrication and steel work with quick team of mobilization, reasonable price and best quality,  We take care your repairs for your good vessel
    • In our workshop we are able to overhaul all kind of machinery such as pumps, winches, crane bolts, hatch cover wheels, etc. within house facilities, materials on stock and experienced technicians for prompt fabrication of damaged spare parts.Our engineers can also work on board for alignments works, changing bearings of generator, fan casings, engine works etc
    • Our primary goal in services is to ensure the fastest and best quality of repairs so as not to compromise the operation of the vessel. From a company of only a few men steadily grows to its present scale with more than 30 dedicated craftsmen. From a very well equipped workshop and our dedicated workforce, trucks, portable welding machines, diving equipment, auxiliary equipment and 24/7 availability, we can provide for you the following services.
      • Mission: To provide the highest quality across our full range of product sourcing and services, tailored towards total customer satisfaction and in line with the best business practices and global environmental safety standards for better service from enquiry to delivery with experienced staff and logistic support all over the globe.
      • Vision: A global leader in marine and ship repair , providing unequalled quality and professional service with the best interest and satisfaction of the client as our core values at all times

      In field of Marine and Ship repair In Vietnam Hai Ha M&S will bring you the best service and best price with highest quality and 24/7 available  . Our services:


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