Sea water Pipe Repair in Vietnam

Sea water pipes repair

Sea water pipes repair, inspection are periodic and mandatory task for the safety of vessel at sea. The pipe is often damage and leak due to crossion of sea water after a long time using.

Hai Ha M&S was requested for a spool of sea water pipe repair/replacement due to leak. The leak was temporary repaired by ship crew using the rubber patch cover from outer side. After inspection and measurement, a team 5 skilled workers and fully equipment, material had onboard of vessel at Hongai anchorage for carry our the tasks.
First of all, before start work the safety notice and preparation issue had been cleared between vessel and workshop.
The relevant connection valve had been isolated, then the pipe is cut off.

New spool is measured correctively once again and start fabricated in vessel workshop.
Meanwhile new gasket is also prepared, the new bolt and nut provided by vessel.

Ship repair in Vietnam
Right after fabrication finish the new spool was install in fix position as per original.
The system back to work again and no leaking found.

Ship repair
Fiting Accuracy leveling to be comply with Standard

Ship repair

Flange fitting

Ship repair


Ship repair
Pipe Welding

The Sea water pipe repair job had done smoothly within 5 hours onboard at Hongai anchorage during the vessel cargo operation without any delay.

  • Not only for urgent repair of the pipe systems on board, our company processes and fabricate in the workshop, provides equipment and spare parts related to piping such as valves, fitting, .. hot dip galvanized service, repair of cooling pipes, ventilation pipes, replace leaking clogged fuel pipes

Pipe fabrication at workshop

Ship repair Ship repair Ship repair

We also carry out the overboard pipe blanking for sea water pipe repair for replacing the pipe and valve from inside

Sea water pipe repair

Overboard Pipe Blanking at Hongai Anchorage

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  • In our workshop we are able to overhaul all kind of machinery such as pumps, winches, crane bolts, hatch cover wheels, etc. within house facilities, materials on stock and experienced technicians for prompt fabrication of damaged spare parts.

Our engineers can also work on board for alignments works, changing bearings of generator, fan casings, engine works etc.

  • We perform main engine and auxiliary engine overhauling services as well as troubleshooting 24/7 for your good vesse at all main port and ship yard in Viet Nam. Relying on our expertise we are open to work with all the main manufactures upon the request of the client.

    We also supply various kind of spare part, including genuise spare part, OEM spare part

With The Piping and steel work, Hai Ha M&S will bring you the best service and best price with highest quality and 24/7 available. Our services:

  • Ship Repairs in all main ports/anchorages of Vietnam.
  • Voyage repairs.
  • Electrical/Electronic trouble shooting in Vietnam
  • Rewinding Electric motor, generator in Vietnam
  • Industrial maintenance and repairs.
  • Technical assistance for new bulding vessel, dry-docking vessel in Vietnam.
  • Under water service: Under water Hull cleaning, Under water inspection (UWC/UWI), under water welding in Vietnam
  • Material/Spare parts Supply in Vietnam
  • Steel work, piping, work shop fabrication in Vietnam.
  • Man power supply , weder qualification test, weding procedure specification qualification etc…


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