Reliable Inspection and Repair Services the hydraulic crane system for the Sigma Venture at Vissai Port

Reliable Inspection and Repair Services the hydraulic crane system

If you are in need of professional inspection and repair services for the hydraulic crane system on the vessel , look no further than Hai Ha M&S. With our years of experience and dedication, we commit to providing comprehensive maintenance solutions to ensure maximum performance and safety for your system.
I. Comprehensive Inspection for Maximum Efficiency
We recently completed similar work for the Sigma Venture vessel. Our team of experienced technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of the hydraulic crane system. The testing process will focus on the following key components:
Inspection electrical control systems, solenoid valves, distribution valves, hydraulic pipe, hydraulic pumps
  • Electrical control systems: We will meticulously examine the electrical connections to ensure proper operation. During the inspection, we discovered that the electrical connection of the hydraulic pump was reversed, causing the pump to rotate in the wrong direction.
  • Solenoid valves: We will inspect the solenoid valves for any abnormalities. The inspection revealed a broken rectifier head in one of the solenoid valves, which requires replacement.
  • Distribution valves: Our experts will examine the hydraulic distribution valves to ensure they are functioning correctly. Fortunately, we found that the valves were operating normally.
  • Hydraulic pipes: We will carefully inspect the hydraulic pipes to ensure smooth operation. The inspection revealed no issues, indicating that the hydraulic pipes are functioning properly.
  • Hydraulic pumps: Our technicians will thoroughly assess the hydraulic pumps for any malfunctions. Aside from the previously mentioned electrical connection issue, we found that the pumps were in good working condition.
  • Accumulator: We will evaluate the pressure of the accumulator and discovered that it was below the required level. The accumulator lacked sufficient pressure for optimal performance.
II. Effective Repair Methods to Restore Operation
Based on the findings from the inspection, we will implement the following repair methods:
– Reconnection of the pump: Our skilled technicians will correct the reversed electrical connection to resolve the issue of reverse rotation. This will ensure that the hydraulic pump rotates in the correct direction, optimizing its operational efficiency.
– Cleaning and filtration: We will clean the one-way valve and meticulously filter the oil to remove any impurities and prevent potential blockages.
– Replacement of the solenoid valve rectifier head: We will replace the broken rectifier head of the solenoid valve with a high-quality replacement. This will ensure the proper functioning of the solenoid valve.
Repair, Charge nitrogen, re-install
– Charging nitrogen for the accumulator: We will recharge the accumulator with nitrogen to achieve the recommended pressure level. The recommended pressure range is 65-70 kg/cm², ensuring optimal performance.
– Trial operation and oil pressure adjustment: After completing the necessary repairs, we will conduct a thorough trial operation to test the overall functionality of the hydraulic crane system. We will also adjust the oil pressure to ensure it falls within the optimal range for efficient operation.
Our meticulous repair methods will effectively address the issues identified during the inspection, ensuring that the hydraulic crane system on the Sigma Venture operates reliably and achieves optimal performance.
Running test with C/O of MV SIGMA VENTURE
At Hai Ha M&S, we are committed to providing high-quality maintenance services and ensuring the smooth operation of your hydraulic crane system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience our professionalism firsthand.

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