Ship Repair In Campha Port

Marine Service and Ship Repair In Campha Port

As one of the three main anchorage for ships and boats in Quang Ninh province, the Campha transshipment port (Cam Pha city) is in overload.
Hon Net transshipment port includes 2 main areas: Hon Net and Con Ong island. In which, Hon Net area is about 6.8km in length, including 29 points for anchoring, docking, receiving ships up to 120,000 DWT; 3 ITC mooring buoys and conveyor buoys. The area of ​​Con Ong islet is about 10.5km long, including 44 mooring points, receiving ships up to 65,000 DWT.

Marine service in Cam Pha
Cam Pha Inner Anchorage

A special feature is that at present, in the North, there is only an anchorage in Cam Pha port capable of receiving large bulk and bulk cargo ships. In addition, this is the only area that allows loading and unloading bulk goods such as coal, clinker, cement, stone … for small export sizes.

Engine overhaul in Cam Pha
Engine overhaul in Cam Pha

With such advantages, from 2018 up to now, the growth rate of the output of goods and ships and boats through the seaport of Cam Pha port area has been increasing with the structure of ships, boats in and out changing in the direction of the load is increasing, the stay in the anchorage is longer and longer.

Ship repair in Campha
Ship repair in Campha Anchorage

Hai Ha M&S specializes in ship repair and marine services is offerring to Ship Owners  herein Campha, we are always available 24/7 when receiving requests from shipowners with a team of experienced engineers and engineers, reasonable prices, quality  and the flexible payment.

  • As a group our company Hai Ha M&S is providing the marine service and ship repair in Campha port as such underwater inspection, Hull cleaning, rewinding/overhauling electric motor, fabrication and steel work with quick team of mobilization, reasonable price and best quality,  We take care your repairs for your good vessel
Under Water Service in Campha
  • In our workshop we are able to overhaul all kind of machinery such as pumps, winches, crane bolts, hatch cover wheels, etc. within house facilities, materials on stock and experienced technicians for prompt fabrication of damaged spare parts.Our engineers can also work on board for alignments works, changing bearings of generator, fan casings, engine works etc
Ship repair in Campha
Our Fabrication Workshop
  • Our primary goal in services is to ensure the fastest and best quality of repairs so as not to compromise the operation of the vessel. From a company of only a few men steadily grows to its present scale with more than 30 dedicated craftsmen. From a very well equipped workshop and our dedicated workforce, trucks, portable welding machines, diving equipment, auxiliary equipment and 24/7 availability, we can provide for you the following services.
    Afloat repair in Cam Pha
    Afloat repair in Cam Pha
    • Mission: To provide the highest quality across our full range of product sourcing and services, tailored towards total customer satisfaction and in line with the best business practices and global environmental safety standards for better service from enquiry to delivery with experienced staff and logistic support all over the globe.
    • Vision: A global leader in marine and ship repair , providing unequalled quality and professional service with the best interest and satisfaction of the client as our core values at all times
    Grab repair in Campha
    Grab repair in Campha

    In field of Marine and Ship repair In Campha, Hai Ha M&S will bring you the best service and best price with highest quality and 24/7 available  . Our services:



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    Please fill free to contact us as following address for any kind of marine and repairs service for your good vessel in Vietnam.

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