Underwater Inspection (UWI), Underwater Cleaning (UWC) in Campha

Underwater service: Underwater Hull cleaning, propeller polishing is an important job to clean the ship to ensure the best navigability of the ship as well as to ensure the regulations. about the marine environment. This work should be done periodically to ensure that the ship moves at maximum speed and to save fuel.

In some countries that have strict regulations on marine environmental assurance, this mandatory requirement applies to ships entering their territorial sea.

Hai Ha Marine and ship repair service company limited is a company specializing in ship repair and diving services such as:

  • Underwater diving service (UWI/UWC):

    • Underwater hull cleaning
    • Underwater Inspection;
    • Underwater welding;
    • Plugging/blanking overboard pipe;
    • Propeller polishing;
    • Rope removal;
    • Circular welding.
  • Overhaul machinery
    • In our workshop we are able to overhaul all kind of machinery such as pumps, winches, crane bolts, hatch cover wheels, etc. within house facilities, materials on stock and experienced technicians for prompt fabrication of damaged spare parts.Our engineers can also work on board for alignments works, changing bearings of generator, fan casings, engine works etc.
  • Still constructions and damage repair
    • Our worker is qualified in by IACS Class in welding, we are also approve workshop with welding procedure by Class in Steel and alumium alloy
    • The techician is also certified as welding Inspector from AWS and TWI.
    • The proper material is also available always and approved for such kind of repair.
  • Engine overhauling in Vietnam
    • We perform main engine and auxiliary engine overhauling services as well as troubleshooting 24/7 for your good vesse at all main port and ship yard in Viet Nam. Relying on our expertise we are open to work with all the main manufactures upon the request of the client.
    • We also supply various kind of spare part, including genuise spare part, OEM spare part …

We have the equipment and manpower to perform the tasks that customers require so that their ships can be repaired with BEST QUALITY




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Hotline 1 : +84 388-441-654

Hotline 2 : +84 886-441-654

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Email: info@haihashiprepair.com

Website: https://haihashiprepair.com

Please fill free to contact us as following address for any kind of marine and repairs service for your good vessel in Vietnam