Turbocharger Overhaul and Dynamic Balancing T/C VTR 454-32

Turbocharger Overhaul and Dynamic Balancing: Elevating Engine Efficiency

Is your vessel’s main engine performance lacking the power it once had? Dive into the world of turbocharger maintenance and repair with our comprehensive overhaul and dynamic balancing services. Our team of experts ensures your engine operates at its peak efficiency, delivering reliable power for your maritime endeavors.

 Maintenance and Repair Job Details

 1. Technical Data Examination

Our process begins with a thorough review of the turbocharger’s technical data records. Collaborating with the chief engine, we identify any abnormalities and discuss the optimal course of action for the overhaul.

2. Precise Dismantling

When the vessel is in dry dock, we execute a meticulous dismantling process following specific instructions. This involves disassembling necessary casings, including air filters, exhaust gas inlets, bearing casings, rotor-shaft, and all other components.

turbocharger overhaul

 3. Thorough Cleaning

Every dismantled part undergoes a rigorous cleaning process to remove contaminants and ensure optimal performance during reassembly.

 4. Inspection to Manufacturer’s Standards

Our experts inspect each cleaned part according to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards.

turbo charger overhaul

 5. Dynamic Balancing

To guarantee smooth operation, the turbine shaft undergoes dynamic balancing in our specialized workshop. This crucial step enhances the overall performance and longevity of the turbocharger.

dynamic balancing

 6. Defect Detection with PT Testing

Precision testing is conducted to identify any defects that may have gone unnoticed. Our commitment to detail ensures a reliable and defect-free turbocharger.

 7. Precise Assembly

All cleaned and inspected parts are meticulously assembled back into the turbocharger, following stringent procedures to guarantee optimal functionality.

8. Clearance Measurement and Compliance Check

We measure clearances and conduct checks to ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s limits, providing you with a turbocharger that meets or exceeds industry standards.

9. Final Testing

The overhauled turbocharger undergoes a comprehensive trial, ensuring that it performs seamlessly and meets the required specifications upon completion.


Trust us for a complete turbocharger overhaul and dynamic balancing that revitalizes your main engine, elevating its efficiency and extending its operational life. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance and repair service and experience the difference in performance firsthand. Your engine deserves the best – choose our expertise for unparalleled results.




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