This Procedure describes the repair method of the Propeller repair blades for damage parts.

  1. SUBJECT: Repair for Propeller Damage.
  3. Diameter :  mm
  4. Pitch : Mean mm Max                 mm
  5. of Blade : Blades
  6. Weight : kg
  7. Base Material : NOVOSTON, Copper Manganese Aluminium.
Cu Mn Al Fe Ni
75% 12% 8% 3% 2%


*Note: nominal Composition of NOVOSTON

  1. REPAIR of DAMAGE a. New Tip material
  2. To be made new piece and approved by Classification. *Note: given to over size for Pitch adjust after Welding.
  3. Material : Mn-AI Bronze(Cu-4)
Chemical Composition

Cu Mn Al Fe Ni Zn Si Pb
70 — 80% 8.0-20% 6.5-9.0% 2.0-5.0% 1 .5-3.0% Max6.0% Maxi .0% Max0.05%


Mechanical properties

Tensile strength N/mrrf Elongation


Min 640 Min 18

*Note: in accordance with Class Rule



  1. Working Sequence
  2. The Propeller shall be transported in workshop.
  3. To be checked pitch measurement before work, according to drawing & I.S.O Rule.
  4. Preparation(Fit—up for Welding)
  • Typical JointUntitledRemoval of Defects
  • The damage areas shall be removed by grinding.
  • The joints shall be inspected by P.T(Dye check) for confirmation of defect free.
  • To be cleaned thoroughly after the inspection the P.T areas.
  1. Preheating
  • Preheating shall be done by Propane gas torch slowly & checked Or Induction coil (electric heating Element).
  • Temperature
  • Min’ Temp’: 1 00°C ■Max’ Temp’: 250°C
  • The temperature shall be maintained during welding.
5.  Welding

1)   Process : In use GTAW + GMAW

2)  Welding electrode     ____________________________________________

FILLER METAL A-34N T-8 Trode40

* Note : AWS SPEC’ A5.7



sil trode

Welding Wire Ampco Trode 46

  • Welding
  • The groove surface should be Root pass welding with TIG Welding.
  • The Root pass welding areas shall be inspected by P.T(Dye check) for confirmation of any defect.
  • To be cleaned thoroughly after inspection the P.T areas.
  • Remaining layers are to be Fill welded with MIG or TIG welding.
  • Welding Sequence shall be controlled.
  • The P.T inspected shall be done during welding layers for confirmation of any defect.
  • The propeller Turning when completed one side welding for The other side welding.
  • To be back chipped from The other side.
  • To be P.T inspected after back chipped.
  • Same as welding (3)~(6) for The other side.
  1. Post welding heat Treatment
  • On completion welding, whole weld seam plus 300mm min’, shall be stress relieving heat treated by Induction coil (Electric heating Element).
  • -Holding Temperature : 450~600°C ■Holding Time : one hour per 25mm Thickness.
  • Cooling rate down to 300°C : 100°C/hour max’.
  • The temperature and time chart shall be recorded.
  1. Surface Finish & Pitch
  • On completion welding & heat treatment, The propeller blades shall be grinding & Pitch adjustment in accordance with I.S.O 484/1 -1981 (E) Rule.
  • To be super polishing on the propeller blade surface after Pitch adjustment in with I.S.O/R 484 Rule for propeller repair.
  • Super polishing Grade is I.S.O/R 484 Class S or Class I .
  • The propeller blades shall be inspected by P.T for confirmation of defect free.
  • z2374187519240 210777fe1ce54fe9df8dbffedaf66a7c scaled
  1. Static Balancing

Onece completion propeller blades repair, shall be Balancing Test in accordance with I.S.O 484/1 1981 Rule.

Reference Propeller Repair picture:

Propeller Repair
Propeller Repair – Penetration Testing
z2133363798472 2b78c59219dc7f536381d5686dc3143f
Bended Propeller Balade
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