Hatch Cover Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul

Hatch Cover Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul is one of the basic repair work onboard, normally the overhaul job is done by ship crews, but due to the limitation of time and lack of special equipment the owner will order ashore workshop to carry out jobs.

Hai Ha M&S was requested from ship owner for the vessel SALERNO at Hongai anchorage for Hatch cover cylinder overhaul due to leak of hydraulic oil. After inspection the team of fully of equipment had onboard of vessel and start working .

Hatch Cover Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul Work sequence:

The first very important in preparing to disassemble a hydraulic cylinder is to clean off the unit to prevent the unnecessary incursion of dust, oil, grease, and similar debris into the cylinder unit. Also keep in mind that repairs need to be performed in a clean space if at all possible; while there are times when emergency repairs may need to be performed in the field, it is always preferable to take care of maintenance and repair in an area as free of dust and moisture as possible.

Fabricate and install scafolding and staging for working
Using Hydraulic Jack to remove pins then Start Dismantle cylinder from hatch cover
Take out top gland and drain hydraulic residual oil
Inspection the rod and inner cylinder -> the rod was found corrosion heavily and to be renew.

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Our workshop had take measurement and start new rod fabrication as confirmed by Ship Owner

Machining new Rod in Our Workshop in Hai Phong

Replace spare part:
– wiper seal
– rod seal and rod guide ring
– piston static seal and head static seal
– buffer seal
– piston seal and piston guide ring

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The rod after fabrication was sent to onboard for re-installation
Final Inspection and Testing under witness by vessel representative and found in satisfaction.

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Hatch Cover Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul
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Hatch Cover Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul
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Hatch Cover Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul
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  • In our workshop we are able to overhaul all kind of machinery such as pumps, winches, crane bolts, hatch cover wheels, etc. within house facilities, materials on stock and experienced technicians for prompt fabrication of damaged spare parts.

Our engineers can also work on board for alignments works, changing bearings of generator, fan casings, engine works etc.

  • We perform main engine and auxiliary engine overhauling services as well as troubleshooting 24/7 for your good vesse at all main port and ship yard in Viet Nam. Relying on our expertise we are open to work with all the main manufactures upon the request of the client.

    We also supply various kind of spare part, including genuise spare part, OEM spare part

With Hatch Cover Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul, Hai Ha M&S will bring you the best service and best price with highest quality and 24/7 available. Our services:

  • Ship Repair in all main ports/anchorages of Vietnam.
  • Voyage repairs.
  • Electrical/Electronic trouble shooting in Vietnam
  • Rewinding Electric motor, generator in Vietnam
  • Industrial maintenance and repairs.
  • Technical assistance for new bulding vessel, dry-docking vessel in Vietnam.
  • Under water service: Under water Hull cleaning, Under water inspection (UWC/UWI), under water welding in Vietnam
  • Material/Spare parts Supply in Vietnam
  • Steel work, piping, work shop fabrication in Vietnam.
  • Man power supply , weder qualification test, weding procedure specification qualification etc…


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