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Ship repair is one of the very important jobs for ensuring the safety of navigation and economic efficiency for ships in the transport process.
For major damage, we will have to ship the ship into repair factories to fix it. However, it is not always possible to go into repair workshops to repair due to many reasons such as: the ship has a lot of cargo, environmental problems, the ship’s navigational plan..etc. Ship repair work will then be carried out on board the ship at the anchors or at the jetty. Ship repair on board will save a lot of costs for the ships as there will be no need to put the ship in dry dock or onto the slopes. It also ensures that repairing any damage to the vessel will not affect the vessel’s navigational plan.
Hai Ha M&S Co., Ltd is one of the best ship repair service providers in Vietnam. Below is one of our close-up repair projects: Repair and replacement of deck tole on deck. at Campha anchorages
ship repair in Campha anchorage
ship repair in Campha anchorage
The causes of damages can be weather, load-unloading collisions … etc.
And then, to ensure that the ship’s navigation is not affected, the best option is to immediately contact a skilled mobile repair team.
Repairing hulls, hatches, container guide bars, cabins and tanks on board. This work requires someone with expertise in ship repair.
Welding positions should be chamfered to ensure weld quality and mechanical properties.
Welds are beveled before welding
Welds are beveled before welding
Fix the steel plates before the cavern
Clean the weld after completing the job
If you encounter damage, wherever you are: Haiphong port, Campha anchorage, Saigon port, VungTau port, Nghi Son port, Dungquat port …etc. Any seaport or anchorage in Vietnam . Please contact us immediately for your ship to be cared for in the best way.

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