Renewal of damage cargo hold frames Repair and Maintenance Services – Dedicated Support from Hai Ha M&S for MV BIG FISH

Repair and Maintenance MV BIG FISH

Hai Ha M&S takes pride in offering high-quality maritime vessel repair and maintenance services, ensuring that your vessel, the MV BIG FISH, operates powerfully and safely on the open seas. With our experienced and professional team of technicians, we are committed to meeting all your repair and maintenance needs with dedication and top-notch quality.
**Scope of Services We Provide**
1. **Damaged Frame Repairs:** We undertake tasks such as cutting and renewing damaged frames in Holds No. 2 and 6 of the MV BIG FISH, ensuring that the vessel’s structural integrity is maintained.
2. **Coaming Maintenance:** Our services involve not only partially renewing the coaming of Holds No. 2 and 7 but also ensuring its watertight integrity and safety for the MV BIG FISH.
3. **Staging and Foundation Installation:** Our skilled technicians accurately assemble staging and lay foundations for the MV BIG FISH, creating a safe and efficient work environment.
4. **Finishing with Painting:** After completing the necessary work, we apply top-quality paint to safeguard the MV BIG FISH from the harsh marine environment.
**Process of Execution**
1. **Mobilization and Preparation:** We transport materials and required equipment onto the MV BIG FISH at its mooring location. We establish a work area with electrical systems, lifting mechanisms, and proper ventilation, ensuring safety and efficiency.
Repair and Maintenance BIG FISHRepair and Maintenance
2. **Repair and Maintenance Tasks:** We execute tasks such as cutting damaged frame sub-assemblies and fitting T-bars onto fixed positions. Precise edge preparation precedes welding operations, all performed with a high degree of skill and precision for the MV BIG FISH.
Repair and Maintenance
3. **Finalization and Protection:** After completing welding work, we carry out grinding, cleaning, and painting tasks to provide protection against the marine environment for the MV BIG FISH.
4. **Completion and Departure:** Upon task completion, we dismantle staging equipment and depart, leaving the MV BIG FISH in an enhanced and improved state.
**Quality and Safety as Top Priorities**
Quality and safety are paramount in every project we undertake. Our team of technicians adheres to rigorous safety protocols, ensuring that all work is executed with both safety and precision in mind.
Trust Hai Ha M&S to provide high-quality maritime vessel repair and maintenance services that allow the MV BIG FISH to operate at its best on the open seas. Contact us today for further information about our services and to discover how we can elevate your vessel to new heights.

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