Hydraulic Cylinder Repair for Lifeboat at Cai Lan Port – Quang Ninh

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair for Lifeboat of MV MANZALLINO at Cai Lan Port – Quang Ninh

During routine operational testing, we detected a hydraulic cylinder leak on a lifeboat of MV MANZALLINO at Cai Lan Port, Quang Ninh. This necessitated a precise and efficient repair process to ensure the safety and functionality of the lifeboat.

Repair Process

1. Preparation:
Before commencing the repair work, we thoroughly inspected the lifeboat’s securing system to ensure safety. We erected a foundation and scaffolding, arranged lighting and electrical systems, and depressurized the hydraulic system.
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
Build up Staging/scaffolding for working (Port Side)
2. Removal of the Cylinder:
The hydraulic cylinder was dismantled and lowered onto the main deck for repair. During disassembly, we inspected the condition of the cylinder and identified critical issues.
  1. The piston rod at the top gland was heavily corroded (approximately 3~4 cm wide, 2mm deep notch, entire circumference).Hydraulic cylinder repair,lifeboat
  2. The complete set of end cap seals was found in normal condition with no damage.Hydraulic cylinder repair,lifeboat
  3. The O-ring of the top gland was suspected to be damaged due to the corrosion and scratching of the piston rod.

Remark: The starboard side was suspected to have the same condition and was removed immediately.

3. Repairs and Replacements:
We carried out detailed repairs, including the replacement of a heavily corroded piston rod. Additionally, we replaced sealing elements and O-rings to ensure water resistance and optimal performance.Hydraulic cylinder repair,lifeboat
4. Assembly and Testing:
After completing the repairs, the cylinder was reassembled and thoroughly tested at our workshop before being reinstalled on the lifeboat. Extensive testing was performed both under load and without load to ensure proper functionality.hydraulic cylinder repair

Safety and Performance Assurance

We successfully completed the repair and issue resolution before the vessel’s departure from the port. All work was inspected and witnessed by the vessel’s team and class surveyor, guaranteeing that your lifeboat operates safely and effectively when needed.
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