– Cell guides for containers may be welded to the ship’s hull or be arranged in a detachable manner (screwed connections, suspended structures).
– Lateral support of cell guides
Cell guides at transverse or longitudinal bulkheads shall be laterally supported by the bulkhead with
horizontal web plates or other suitable elements.
– Vertical guide rails of cell guides
Vertical guide rails consist typically of equal sided steel angle bars. On account of abrasion and local forces, e.g., due to jamming occurring when hoisting and lowering of containers, the thickness of angle bars shall beat least 12 mm.
– Where vertical guide rails consist of several steel angle bars, these bars shall be connected to each other by horizontal web plates arranged at least at the level of lateral supports and additionally between lateral supports depending on bending moments induced by containers due to random stowage of 8’6” and 9’6” high containers.
– Guide heads: Top ends of guide rails shall be fitted with sufficiently strong guide heads, according to operating conditions To minimise the impact on fatigue strength of longitudinal hull structures, horizontal

Common types of damage

– The Cell guide is corroded due to the oxidizing environment and due to abrasion with the container during cargo handling.
– The guide bar is damaged due to strong impact with the containers during cargo handling

The damage of the guide rail greatly affects the operating efficiency of a ship, affects the balance and stability of the ship during cargo handling, so it is necessary to repair the damage.
Our company with experience and strength in ship repair at ports can complete the above types of damage with fast progress, good quality and safety.
Here are some pictures of repairing damaged container guides for Wanhai 165 at Hai Phong wharf that we have done:

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Cell guide repair at Hai Phong
Cell guide cutting the damage
Cell guide repair at Hai Phong
Cell guide cutting the damage
Cell guide repair at Hai Phong
Cutting Damage and measurement

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Moving and fitting the new cell guide in fix position

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Welding and finishing work – Hai Phong Port alongside

Ship repair and Marine Service in Vietnam:

  • In our workshop we are able to overhaul all kind of machinery such as pumps, winches, crane bolts, hatch cover wheels, etc. within house facilities, materials on stock and experienced technicians for prompt fabrication of damaged spare parts.Our engineers can also work on board for alignments works, changing bearings of generator, fan casings, engine works etc
  • As a group our company Hai Ha M&S is providing the marine service and ship repair in Vietnam as such underwater inspection, Hull cleaning, rewinding/overhauling electric motor, fabrication and steel work with quick team of mobilization, reasonable price and best quality,  We take care your repairs for your good vessel
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