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Hai Ha M&S Co.Ltd specializes in Fabrication & Installation of steel / pipe structures, Outfittings, Main and auxiliary engine, Engine room machinery, Reconditioning of engine components, Air condition and refrigeration systems, Boiler, Electrical & electronic components, Automation systems, Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, Conversion of steel / pipe structures, Navigation equipment, Anchorage & On-Voyage Repair as well as Maintenance Works, Ship spares supply for Marine & Offshore Industries.

Hai Ha M&S is a repair service company,conveniently located in Viet Nam, offering a wide variety of services for ship repair solutions to shipowners/managers. The targeting is to provide shiprepair services in Viet Nam, and being a contact point for emergency issues and assisting shipowners with all kinds of troubles they may face. Its scope of service extends from afloat and emergency shiprepairs, major technical supplies, safety services and drydocking consultancy services. Hai Ha M&S is able to provide ship repair services in Viet Nam ports and shipyards as well. Company is operated by engineers with extensive shipyard experience. Fast response is the main principle of Hai Ha M&S

Below is the forerunner anchor chain we repaired at Hai Phong Port.

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Lift up the forerunner anchor chain with help truck crane.

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New forerunner anchor chain.

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Cutting and replace new forernner anchor chain.

We can assure that repairs will be carried out to the best quality achievable at a shortest duration possible. We can proudly say, once any client worked with us , they might call us all the time for any Repair/service for their ships.

Hai Ha M&S is able to offer wide variety of ship repair services within following categories:

  • Pipe Repairs

  • Steel Repairs

  • Insulation/Accommodation WorksMain Engine and Aux Engine Overhauling and Maintenance

  • Deck machinery

  • Cargo handling equipment

  • Reconditioning of engine components

  • Air condition and refrigeration systems

  • Electrical & electronic components

  • Automation systems

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

  • Hatch Cover Repairs

  • Electrical Motor Overhaul and Rewinding works

Hai Ha M&S will always execute our jobs to the best of our ability and capability , making sure that quality is always achieved and time taken for these tasks are kept to the minimum. Customer satisfaction is very important for our survival and growth and all our staff and workers are aware of this fact.We are able to mobilize our teams in short time and these teams are all well trained, disciplined and can work independently.

Please fill free to contact us as following address for any kind of marine and repairs service for your good vessel in Vietnam.


Office: 44/82 – Vu Chi Thang Str, Hai Phong city – Viet Nam

Hotline 1 : +84 388-441-654

Hotline 2 : +84 886-441-654

Email: Technical@haihashiprepair.com

Email: info@haihashiprepair.com

Website: https://haihashiprepair.com

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