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Jib Crane Repair in Viet Nam

In order for the cargo operating to not depends on shore cranes, we can see the importance of cranes in commercial activities of ships, both helping ships to be active in cargo operation, and minimizing the cost of hiring shore cranes and labor cost, especially in ports without shore cranes, ship cranes are the only option.

Therefore, any incident of the jib crane will greatly affect the cargo operating and progress of the ship.

Hai Ha M&S is leading company in Crane repair in Viet Nam with a team of experienced engineers and workers.

ship repair in viet nam JIB crane repair in viet nam

JIB crane repair in cam pha JIB crane repair in hai phong

The damage Jib crane was repaired by Hai Ha M&S at Dung Quat Port.

crane gearbox trouble shooting ship repair in hai phong

z3166715840491 ac20a5c2b6b20edb4c3b38e9d101e7a9 ship repair in vung tau

Installation of scaffolding

ship repair in hai phong

JIB crane repair in dung quat

To prop up the head Jib crane before cutting.

ship repair in viet nam z3165950701590 fa012174a96c9ba7955f248f40d5c3e8

JIB crane repair in viet nam 80a8f8eeb703866aa6e14359774dbf7b 1

Cutting and Grinding.

JIB crane repair in hai phong ship repair in viet nam

crane gearbox repair in viet nam 20f662a07aeae79fbc35d26b768b598f

Fit-up new plate and Welding.

Crane gearbox trouble shooting in viet nam Crane gearbox trouble shooting in hai phong

Repaint replacement area.

With the ability to mobilize teams quickly and effectively. Hai Ha M&S believes that it will always ensure to fulfill all requirements in the best way that customers give.

Here are some related services:

  • Crane gearbox trouble shooting.

  • Renew steel plate for Jib.

  • Supply renewal Sheave Bearing.

  • Recondition shaft of sheave

  • Supply and renew wire rope for Crane.

  • Overhaul and repair hydraulic system crane.

Please fill free to contact us as following address for any kind of marine and repairs service for your good vessel in Vietnam.


Office: 44/82 – Vu Chi Thang Str, Hai Phong city – Viet Nam

Hotline 1 : +84 388-441-654

Hotline 2 : +84 886-441-654

Email: Technical@haihashiprepair.com

Email: info@haihashiprepair.com

Website: https://haihashiprepair.com

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