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With over 10 years of in-depth knowledge in the field of Repairing and Rewinding Engines and Alternator, Hai Ha M&S can provide the best solution for your requirements, whether it is on board, in our workshop or onsite.

With extensive experience in this field and a team of highly specialized engineers in maintenance and rewinding, we are sure that the job can be completed during loading/unloading at all ports and anchorages. of Vietnam. This ensures that it will not affect the ship’s journey.

rewinding alternator in viet nam

This is a 750KVA/450V/720 RPM Alterator, Hyundai HFC7 504-14K has been rewinded and maintained by Ha Ha M&S for 6 days.

In-situ rewinding aboard a ship is very different from rewinding in the workshop. The fact that the engine rooms of this type of ship are crammed with machines and equipment causes the alternator to be fixed in its position. Moving the ship to a dry dock and removing a part of the hull was not an option for the customer as the ship could not be taken out of service for a long period of time.

For job like these, a highly detailed preparation is crucial. Not a single item can be forgotten as missing tools and equipment are disastrous for the completion of the job.

alternator rewinding in viet nam  shiprepair in viet nam

ship repair in vung tau  ship repair in hai phong

Dismantle the Alternator and ít component onboard, inspection related compotnent:Bearing, Shaft, VDR, Exciter …etc.

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P12 generator rewinding in viet nam

Rewinding stator,

ship repair in viet nam P19

Overhauling rotor.

e64f40a7610cac52f51d emergency generator troubleshooting in viet nam

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Re-varnish after re-winding and overhauling then heating by special heater equipment.

ship repair in vung tau ship repair in viet nam

rewinding electric motor P23

Re-installaton/assemble, take measurement and adjustment, testing and commissioning

In addition to rewinding the alternator. Hai Ha M&S also provides a number of services such as:

Hai Ha M&S commit to the quality and progress of customers are always put on top. If there are any requests please contact us immediately.

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