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The main engine of the vessel needs regular maintenance to have the best working performance, reduce fuel consumption. The cost of operating a vessel is very expensive, in which fuel will consume 50-60% of the cost of operating a vessel. For example, with a vessel of 20,000 TEU, the fuel cost is about ~50,000usd/day. However, during the operation of the vessel, the working efficiency of the main engine will be reduced, leading to a high level of fuel consumption, which is called a decrease in working efficiency. This reduction in working efficiency leads to fuel consumption, as well as a decrease in the durability of the main engine.

To overcome this problem, the vessel’s main engine needs regular maintenance. Normally the main engine will be maintained periodically every 6 months or 1 year depending on the level of operation of the vessel. This maintenance can be done when the vessel enters the factory for periodic repair. Then you can maintain it carefully.

However, for vessels in operation, the repair at the vesselyard will affect the operation of the vessel. There is one situational solution that vessel owners can choose to hire mobile repair teams like us. We repair and maintain the main engine at the port, at the anchorage so as not to affect the vessel’s exploitation plan. And the cost of repairing at anchorages is also much cheaper than sending the vessel to the repair yard.


Hai Ha M&S is a large Ship Repair Company in Vietnam operating with diverse services such as:

Repair damaged hulls

Repair – maintain the main engine of the vessel

Repair the generator system on the vessel

Repair of automatic electrical systems.

Provide replacement equipment for vessels

Survey diving service, vessel cleaning service

Repair central air conditioning system

– Repair the hydraulic system of the vessel

– etc…


With a team of hull engineers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers working for a long time in Shipyards. Our motto is SAFETY FIRST- QUALITY BEST (Safety of the crew, safety of the vessel is number one – the best repair quality)

Come to us, you will receive dedicated care: EVERYTIME – EVERYWHERE

Below is a picture of a main engine maintenance project for a vessel of the German ship owner at Vung Tau anchorage in November 2021:

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